ZIMBALISTAS workshops will take his audients into a gurney of body percussion, clapping, singing & music making . Finding your own charisma & music loving in a group that learn & support each other.

Chen's workshops could fit any age or professional needs, everybody can drum, conduct or lead his group.

Taking part in a rhythm circle or conducting a percussion group will take each of us into a different journey with lots of new experiences.

Summer Course

Master class & workshops with Zimbalista

29/7-8/8-UK- Bristol


Family Concert

Zimbalista's Family Concerts are informal concerts that will take you into a very close & intimate meeting with Chen his music & the artist on stage. Fresh introductions to music life and a close meeting with large varieties of musical instruments and a worldwide musical repertoire.

Master Class

Zimbalista's Master Classes focus on solo & chamber music playing.Zimbalista conduct his master class to all kind of instrumentalists. Focusing on percussion, marimba - using four mallets, Dumbeck, Dejembe and Tambourine. The latter instruments will enable the audience to learn about Middle Eastern drumming, which will be accompanied by professional explanations and illustrations. The audience enjoys taking active part during certain parts of the Master Class.

Chen plays pieces specially written for him, such as Wiesenberg's piece, as well as Bach, Piazzolla, Rosauro and others.


Tam Tam Percussion Festival
Zimbalista is the Artistic Director For the Biannual Tam Tam Percussion Festival

Steal Bands In Israel-
Together with Mr. Harvey Price(Delaware University)Zimbalista in consulting 3 different steal band groups over the country

Conducting & soloing different programs with chamber & Symphony orchestras

Peace concert in Africa/Angola
peace concert in with local musicians in Angola Luanda

Special Activities with disable communities